Joe Wilson not as secure in SC-2

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It’s a confirmed part of the Vierdsonian philosophy that Rep. Joe Wilson is a douchebag. But, hey, that’s OK. He’s a politician, and the people who aren’t bags of the douche variety usually get weeded out of the political game when they’re undergrads in college. If you don’t think so, ask anyone that works in politics – they’ll set you straight.

Regardless, most observers of politics in this state would consider SC-2 a Republican district until the end of time. It probably still is. But, according to a new poll cited by Elonkey, it might not be such a sure thing.

As mentioned in Tuesday’s post, despite the district’s heavy Republican leaning (R+8.9), many Second District voters appear willing to give Miller a chance this fall. According to our sources, the self-described “pro-gun, pro-military, socially kind of conservative Democrat” cut Wilson’s lead to just 5 points after voters were given positive descriptions of each candidate during the latest survey (47-42-9).

Why is Wilson having such a bad time? There are some pretty good reasons, like how he voted to slash financial aid to middle class college students while cutting taxes for the obscenely wealthy, but that doesn’t seem to be the problem.

It’s earmarks, Bubba.

Honestly, it truly is bizarre how some Southern conservatives will go on wars against earmarks and expect to get reelected. Sen. Jim DeMint may be an exception to the rule, but the South was built on earmarks in the 20th Century – particularly when it came to military appropriations (Charleston says “Thank you”).

Apparently, Wilson’s signing on to DeMint’s plan has cost him. People want their Federal money, their Federal projects and their Federal jobs, dammit.

In March, Wilson announced that he would “enact an immediate one-year moratorium on all earmark requests from [his] office” in order to protest lawmakers’ use of seniority and clout to steer federal funds towards their districts.

However, since suddenly reversing course and jumping on the DeMint anti-earmark bandwagon this spring, Wilson has angered many leaders within his own party, including Lexington City Councilman Danny Frazier who’s gone as far as calling Wilson “a wussy” for refusing to seek federal funding for road projects. Likewise, on the other end of the District, several GOP leaders are equally displeased with the Congressman since he refused to help obtain funds to expand the Beaufort Memorial Cemetery for veterans.

If the race is closer than expected, candidates and consultants should take a hard look at whether the “anti-earmark” line of politics is still a winner.

Funnily enough, Wilson used to think earmarks were a necessary part of his job.

Joe Wilson “battles to stay ahead” in the SC-02 [Elonkey]


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