Emily Bazelon freaks out over alleged Edwards love child

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If you listen to the Slate Political Gabfest podcast every week, then you’re just as big of a geek as Vierdsen. But, you really should, because this week Slate writer Emily Bazelon totally loses her shit over allegations by the National Enquirer that former Sen. John Edwards has a child through an affair with a woman that is not his wife.

The train finally makes it off the rails just shy of the 39 minute mark when she queries, “What the fuck else do you think he was doing in the hallway?”

For what it’s worth, former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young came out and admitted the child was his long ago, but that didn’t stop the escalating shouting match at Slate.

Bazelon ignited the fuse by starting out assailing male politicians and their presumed hubris – being able to do anything and get anything they want.

The whole argument carried the whiff of something else – some other catalyst that set the explosion. It’s worth thinking about whether the recent attention AMC’s “Mad Men” has received could be a part of it.

The show, centered around sybaritic Madison Avenue ad men in 1960, fits into the Vierdsonian philosophy. However, the gentlemen’s copious drinking, chain smoking and secretary screwing could have a bad effect on the thinking of some women toward men in general, and, um, “prideful” men in particular.

Hey, maybe not, but Edwards got the bad end of the pointy stick for a reason.

The Edwards Slugfest Gabfest [Slate]


1 Response to “Emily Bazelon freaks out over alleged Edwards love child”

  1. 1 LW
    July 26, 2008 at 12:12 am

    Not sure I’d say Emily Bazelon loses her shit. She’s not the first one to drop the f-bomb, and it appears the tech person is the one that got really upset (enough to disrupt the Gabfest)!

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