Sen. Kevin Bryant gets the Wonkette treatment

Sen. Kevin Bryant, Republican from Anderson, may have made a mistake when he posted the picture of a rather crass anti-Obama T-shirt on his Web site:

First, Not Very Bright got a little upset. That led Snead to post his opinion on the matter and, bla-dow! Wonkette latched onto the story this morning.

When Brad Warthen compared Howard Rich to Osama bin Laden, Rich’s pal Will Folks got his panties in a wad about it. Won’t hold my breath on this one, though.

The whole point is that it’s a really bad joke and unbecoming of a state senator. It also, thanks to the national recognition, once again thrusts our state into the spotlight as an intolerant, insensitive place (especially on the heels of the Quinns’ and Adam Fogle’s homophobic holy war). Wonkette’s commenters, never ones to pull punches, began thusly:

Deepthroat says at 9:26 am, July 21st, 2008 – Reply
I suspect the “Backbench” is some kind of insider slang for the Power-bottom Caucus…

eyesfriedopen says at 9:31 am, July 21st, 2008 – Reply
btw, that campaign photo of Bryant sends my gaydar into the red zone, bottom region. Is there a pool on how long until he’s caught soliciting schoolboys at the county fair?

FMA says at 9:40 am, July 21st, 2008 – Reply
Looking at the guy’s photo makes me think that someone’s mom didn’t stop drinking when she was knocked up.

Servo says at 9:55 am, July 21st, 2008 – Reply
Never to break with tradition, Southern Repubs will invariably elect the closet cockaholic that looks like a game show host.

So, yeah. You get picked up on the Internet tubes’ top political snark blog, and it’s all booze and ass-fucking. But, it hasn’t been limited there – the craziness moved over to Bryant’s own site, which got a lot of non-sequitur usage of “BIG SALE ON TRUCK NUTZ!!!” And, fortunately (for entertainment reasons), there’s a better mix.

idiots Says:
July 20th, 2008 at 5:27 pm
Bush was governor for 1 full term and one half term. Name one thing Barak Hussein Obama has done. What has he accomplished (besides getting elected)?
Nothing. He is an idiot. He can speak. that’s it. You all are a bunch of idiots. Vote for the fool. See where are country is in 4 years.

hooray Says:
July 21st, 2008 at 8:25 am
congrats on being a huge douchebag. thanks for showing some true southern chivarly and pride.

Get Real Says:
July 21st, 2008 at 8:43 am
Well, I’m gonna take South Carolina off places I want to go. You people are sick. I can’t believe anyone would elect a biggot like Kevin Bryant. Probably, the same moron responsible for this president. Obviously, you hillbillies get all your news from FOX. You will burn eternally for your actions. Poor souls.

Seriously? Says:
July 21st, 2008 at 8:44 am
An elected official forwarding an agenda of ignorance and hate. And you wonder why South Carolina ranks among the lowest of the low as far as education, child health rates and high on the list of fetal death. Take care of the people you are supposed to represent before you spew your font of elistist ignorance to the rest of the world.

willard ray RAY Says:
July 21st, 2008 at 8:48 am
that thar obama feller can talk smart an stuf butt we ens like fellers who talk an think like us. obama is 1 of them thar leatist a raisd in the north an gone 2 them skools with ivy an such. an hes for bortin babys thats where them docters skins newborned babys and uses there skin for cell serchin. they keeps up doin that stuf and they wont be no babys to grows up and fite for GOD

Florida Says:
July 21st, 2008 at 8:49 am
Well, I may have my voting problems down here but at least I try to do things the right way. One thing I certainly don’t do is elect people like this douchebag Bryant. What hay wagon did he fall off of? I’m feeling so much better about myself…

This isn’t good. Even Florida is calling us out. Mark Foley‘s Florida. That’s pretty bad.

South Carolina State Senator Posts Dumb Anti-Obama Tee Shirt Pic On His Blog [Wonkette]


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