Rumsey, SCRG not satisfied with getting blown out

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Ed Rumsey, who got obliterated by Rep. Bill Sandifer 72-28 in House District 2, is back in the mix as Sandifer and SCRG start trading blows again. As Barbecue & Politics points out, Rumsey received 65 percent of his funding from Uncle Moneybags, Howard Rich.

SCRG spokeman Neil Mellen said, “Na na na, Sandifer took out-of-state contributions too, na na na.” At least, that’s how it looked after my eyes glazed over. Naturally, he and his organization missed the point – it’s not all that much about out-of-state contributions, it’s about thousands upon thousands of dollars coming from one man.

According to the Daily Journal/Messenger, Sandifer isn’t sitting on his laurels after booting SCRG and Rich’s money out of his district.

“The difference is that Rumsey’s out-of-state contributions come from a sole contributor who has manipulated the use of the law to his own benefit,” Sandifer said. “When someone does that, I believe it is certainly their intent to have a fairly significant amount of control over what that candidate might do.”

Rumsey, still smarting from his trip to the woodshed, went comment posting at SCRG’s blog:

“As Sandifer’s opponent and target during the primary in June I learned more about him then (sic) you would like to know,” Rumsey wrote. “But to add to hypocrisy I would mention mendacity, arrogance and void of any positive character. These are not just my words but those who know Sandifer and who phoned me during the primary.”

Hey – you got your asses kicked. Deal with it.

War of words continues over campaign contributions [UpstateToday.com]


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