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S.C. House District 38 Republican nominee (and wholly-owned subsidiary of Howard Rich) Joey Millwood and former Landrum mayor Doug Brannon are now ready to rumble, according to reports from The Herald-Journal.

It appears that Brannon got 68 more signatures than needed to get on the ballot, and turned them in 10 minutes before the deadline. That means that he’ll be able to pull out all the stops to make sure that a real conservative (not a Howard Rich flunky) will represent the district in the next House session.

It also means that the chance of the Sandlapper Group to go 0-for-’08 in contested races is still there. The consulting firm, started in November of 2007, might as well be called “SCRG Political Consulting LLC,” as much as it directly pimped SCRG and S.C. Club for Growth candidates that hadn’t already been taken by Starboard Communications or the Quinn firm.

Millwood got lucky the first time because of conflicting loyalties at Starboard for the race between himself and Rep. Bob Walker. The same won’t be true in November, and it’s highly doubtful Millwood will be taking the oath of office in Columbia this cycle.

Brannon’s signature drive appears successful [The Herald-Journal]


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