Bauer, McMaster building war chests

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The long road to 2010 is underway, and the big two contenders for the Republican nomination for governor, Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer and Atty. Gen. Henry McMaster, seem to already be getting their efforts underway.

Just look at the latest disclosure reports. Bauer’s report shows $231,332 in the bank, raising $91,444 of it in the last quarter. He’s been relatively tight with his spending, though, sending out $8,733. The biggest donors to SC2’s campaign fund were your usual mishmash, but two, on the same day, were particularly of note.

United Transportation Union PAC, $3,500
WAL-PAC (Wal-Mart), $3,500)

Eh? A major union and one of the most anti-union corporations giving the max to the same guy? That can’t be a mistake. Also giving the limit to Bauer were notables Nelson Mullins PAC and TitleMax CEO Tracy Young. Check into Cash gave close to the max, at $3,200. Does this mean Bauer will be against restrictions on payday lending and associated endeavors in his next race?

McMaster has been a little more aggressive than his prospective opponent, ratcheting up a bottom-line number of $641,862. He didn’t raise as much in the last period though, bringing in over $42,000 and spending over $32,000.

The attorney general also got the max from Wal-Mart, and, interestingly, close to the max from veteran GOP consultant Scott Reed. Reed gave $3,398 in two contributions. Reed was one of those responsible for the catastrophe that was the ’96 Dole campaign and is a close friend of Sen. John McCain. It’s not the contributions that raise eyebrows about McMaster, though.

It’s the expenditures, bubba.

Henry Mac doled out cash between April 3 and July 10 to his consultant like a guy running for office, which he obviously is. His consultant is Brad Henry, who left the McCain campaign last year to “serve as campaign manager and finance director for the AG’s re-election.” Right. McMaster’s so concerned about the office of attorney general that he paid Henry’s consulting firm $19,374 and change in just the past few months. Sho ’nuff.

So, boys, let’s shake off the rust and get it on.


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