South Carolina in play for Obama

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It might be time for Team McCain to put on its big-girl panties and come out ready to play – according to a new round of polling by Zogby, the election is already seeming to be getting out of hand for the presumptive Republican nominee.

Perhaps most telling are the South Carolina numbers. In the Palmetto State, Zogby’s latest poll has Democrat Barack Obama beating McCain by one, 42-41. And, despite what some brain-dead political pundits may think, Libertarian Bob Barr’s candidacy seems to be hurting the Arizona senator.

As it is, Zogby’s current numbers have Obama winning outright, even if all of the toss-up states go McCain’s way. What has to be even more galling for the old man is that his home state of Arizona is also in the swing column, not to mention traditional Republican states like North Carolina, Virginia, Indiana, and the rest of the purple states with the exception of traditional swingers Missouri and Ohio.

Now, don’t think that the Democratic Party in this state is worth a damn or can really do anything, because it can’t. This has all the earmarks of a one-off effort by an extraordinarily appealing candidate that can touch all the right bases for a close Democratic win in what is otherwise a solid Republican state.

You hearing this, Trey Walker? Get to work, big boy!

The Zogby Electoral College Map [Zogby.com]
Obama setting SC campaign plans [The State]


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