Howard Rich buys SCGOP, celebrates

It’s well known the effort NYC real estate mogul Howard Rich has taken to trying to buy the S.C. state government, wholesale. Ross Shealy at Barbecue & Politics has done a pretty good job, showing how Rich bought and paid for several candidates on the sly, like Deborah Long, Scott Singer, Ken Roach, Ed Rumsey and Dee Compton, among others.

After the primaries and runoffs, it appears the chairman of the state Republican Party, Katon Dawson, is firmly in Rich’s pocket (and, paid for by South Carolinians for Responsible Government, no less). After all, why else would he be a party to such a fellatio session (seen here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here) with Rich?

We already know Will Folks and Jeff Sewell/Mike Green are in Rich’s pocket, and, seeing has how several of Rick Quinn’s clients have been neck-deep in Rich’s cash, Adam Fogle is flacking for the New York millionaire, as well.

Certainly, this must piss off the numerous General Assembly candidates that put a whoopin’ on Rich’s peeps. And, we know now that it’s not stopping. Just wait for the fun of 2010, 2012, 2014 and so on. If the people of this state are going to stop one man and his wacko lackeys from performing a coup on our state government, they’re going to have to keep at it.

Rich continues investing in SC’s political races [The State]
If you’re one of Howie Rich’s GOP targets, how do you feel about Katon Dawson right about now? [Brad Warthen’s Blog]


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