Wealthy homeowners get SCE&G sand in their shorts

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There shouldn’t be much to complain about if you live on Lake Murray, right? Chances are you have a damn big house, maybe a couple luxury cars, a nice lake to play around in. But what if you want a dock?

Well, apparently SCE&G’s new requirements for building a dock are just too much for the Lake Murray Landowners’ Association. And, since the energy company is trying to control development in the lake area, why, that’s just too much!

The amount of linear shoreline people would have to own to obtain a dock permit would double, from 100 to 200 feet, and property owners who receive a new permit would have to deed over to SCE&G any land within 75 feet of the shoreline. Not only does this deed away the homeowner’s own property, he loses most anything built or planned in what used to be part of his homesite.

Numerous properties are taking on even more restrictions by being downgraded from “future development” (which has allowed homeowners to buy extra property to make additions to their houses, build a pool, etc.) to “forestry management” or the even-more-restricted “natural area.”

Somebody call the whaaaaamblance. Who knew that a six-figure income and a seven-figure house meant that you couldn’t do what you wanted when you wanted. SCE&G controls the artificial lake, kids, so it has a lot to say in what goes on around said lake. So, put on your big-girl panties, mix yourself a bourbon and Coke and enjoy your dockless lakefront view.

Plan could drastically increase cost to live at Lake Murray [The State]


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