Andy Card is not the right fit for Carolina

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Just recently, former Bush chief of staff Andrew Card has been floated for the USC presidency, if for no other reason than he graduated from the engineering school and has friends in high places.

Like, say, the South Carolina attorney general’s office. According to an AP story, a former aide to Card, Bryan Stirling, is a top advisor to S.C. Attorney General Henry McMaster, and sent a letter to the Carolina presidential search committee.

But, let’s face it: do we really want the right-hand man of the worst president since Herbert Hoover (at least Hoover only had one term to fuck things up)? Card was in the president’s ear for six years. And, considering the long-running massive catastrophe that has been the Bush years, South Carolina’s flagship university doesn’t need someone with that kind of extraordinary ability to generate a clusterfuck.

Of course, you have people pimping Card like Rick Quinn’s boy Adam Fogle, who only operates as a mouthpiece of his firm (which, incidentally, would be running McMaster’s gubernatorial campaign). His reasoning is “SC needs a leader who is not a lackey of academia but someone with real world experience and relevance to move the school forward.” WTF?

I’m sure that Fogle doesn’t know much about Sorensen’s tenure, seeing as he was in Georgia for most of the current president’s tenure, but Sorensen’s done massive things for Carolina. Let’s see what’s happened since he took over: the Colonial Center, the Greek Village, the Strom Thurmond Wellness and Fitness Center, massive renovations of the Russell House, extensive nanotech research, Innovista, other projects dumping tons of money and personnel into science, three presidential debates, et cetera and so on.

What can Card do? Raise money. Well, shit, Cletus, any big-name Republican/business leader/plutocrat can do that. How about we get someone that actually knows how to be a university executive? Maybe someone that can tell the brain-dead General Assembly to quit cutting funding for higher education? Somebody that can continue the giant steps Carolina has taken in the past seven years?

Really – if all it takes is a fundraiser with friends in high places, why not Terry McAuliffe? Hell, he was chair of the DNC and is friends with a lot of big money people. Why not former DNC chairman and long-time Carolina professor Don Fowler? Sure, he’s a little old, but that hasn’t stopped John McCain.

The thing is, McAuliffe and Fowler are just as wrong of choices as Card. But, they’re not Republicans affiliated Henry Mac.

Ex-aide to president touted for job at Univ. of SC [The Associated Press]


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