Georgia Tech proves sodomy is still illegal

Rambin’ Wreck cornerback Jerrard Tarrant did us all a service in April by reminding us that sodomy is still illegal. That is, forcible sodomy. According to charges filed against Tarrant, he sexually assaulted someone in DeKalb County on April 25, and the subsequent investigation landed him rape and sodomy charges.

Now, it’s all fine and good to make light of different ways of copulation, but if you’ve ever been in a courtroom and watched one of these trials, it’s pretty awful. One can’t sit and hear “non-consensual anal penetration with an inanimate object” without their stomach turning. Maybe that’s why the Fulmer Cup points for each charge is only one point lower than murder.

You have to give the AJC writers some credit for trying to pull a laugh in a bad situation, though. You know there had to be a few smiles around the newsroom when this piece of information came in:

Tarrant’s facebook.com page was updated on Monday to say “Jerrard Tarrant is truly MISUNDERSTOOD, when will they see the real me????”

Georgia Tech player charged with campus rape [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]


1 Response to “Georgia Tech proves sodomy is still illegal”

  1. 1 Cinder
    July 16, 2008 at 10:31 am

    Sodomy includes oral sex, and that is what this case refers to.

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