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The big kitty abides


Fat Cat Is Victim Of Foreclosure []


Reform S.C. didn’t patronize S.C. businesses, either
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Can you believe that Gov. Mark Sanford’s pet organization, Reform S.C., didn’t go to a South Carolina company for its advertising? Neither can Vierdsen. Nope, instead of staying around here, he went to Charlotte firm Specialized Media Services.

Of course, Reform S.C./S.C. Club for Growth chairman Chad Walldorf went to SMS for his Sticky Fingers operation, so that may mean something.

Over the course of a month (5/27/08-6/30/08), Reform S.C. paid SMS $72,019.98. That’s a hefty bit of cash, and about 56 percent of the 501(c)4’s total expenditures for the last reporting period.

But, Reform S.C. didn’t stay away from new media – no, sir. Between the end of May and the end of June, the organization gave Google $50,000. Lest you forget, though, that money went straight(?) to San Francisco.

Way to go, Guv. You just paid for a programmer to go to BearFest ’08.


S.C. Club for Growth’s attack mail came from out-of-state, RQ&A
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Can you believe it? One of Howard Rich’s South Carolina handmaidens, S.C. Club for Growth, went to four different out-of-state mailhouses for their attack pieces during the primary season, running up a tab of $15,620.77.

Resolution Graphics (Minnesota)

4/21/08 (Massachusetts)

FOL Strategies (Virginia)

On Target Public Affairs (Georgia)

When it came to actual in-state firms for some of the nastiest ads of the cycle, they went to two places – Lexington firm Pine Press Printing, paid $5,058.59 on June 20.

The biggest payment of all? A princely sum of $16,730 to Richard Quinn & Associates on June 24. Maybe that’s why Fogle‘s been such an apologist for Rich and his tactics.


31 days until football season

Alabama 41Arkansas 38
September 15, 2007


CNN’s John Roberts – Canada’s answer to Adam Curry

Behind American Morning’s Very Wrong Music Intros [Gawker]


McCain wants college slaves – apply now!
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Being in college during a presidential election year is a pretty cool thing, and if you stretch it out, you can get two! Normally, kids who have a hard-on for politics will figure out a way to get involved, sometimes even taking the fall off to work as an intern/low-level employee for a major campaign. Hell, even Vierdsen did it in 2000.

But, there are some things you expect. For instance, if you’re at the national office for a presidential campaign, especially the Republican candidate, you’d expect a stipend, or at least some help with housing and transportation.

Not with Old Man McCain, though. He wants you to devote 16-hour days to his doomed campaign without one ounce of help from his operation. You’re young – live in your car, which you won’t be able to drive once you get there, because gas prices are astronomical and the campaign won’t help you pay for it.

From: John Cummins []
Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2008 1:10 PM
To: ********************
Subject: McCain Campaign Internships
John McCain 2008

John McCain needs YOU!

The John McCain 2008 Presidential Campaign is looking for interns for positions available immediately in our Arlington, Virginia headquarters.

In addition to giving you real-world work experience, this program provides an opportunity to participate in the most exciting presidential election in history! Campaign Internships are unpaid and participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation and housing.

Interns will work with staff on various projects essential to the campaign and play a significant role in Senator McCain’s campaign.

Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter (with availability) to:

John Cummins, Deputy Director of Volunteers

John McCain Needs New Interns! [Wonkette]

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