SEC features more of the same in ’08

If you believe what you read in the preseason previews, and why wouldn’t you, the SEC will not be very different than what we always expect. In the East, you have Florida and Georgia battling it out, followed by Tennessee, South Carolina, Kentucky and Vanderbilt.

Rich Brooks thinks Kentucky at No. 5 is bullshit, natch.

In the West, LSU and Auburn will be angling for the trip to Atlanta, followed by Alabama, Ole Miss, Arkansas and Mississippi State (Croom’d!).

However, we should really know how things are going to shape up in September, believe it or not. The No. 3s, Tennessee and Bama, are going to the mattresses early and could either put themselves in contention, or immediately out of it.

The Tide’s schedule shapes up with an immediate test against Clemson in Atlanta, followed by cupcakes Tulane and Western Kentucky, before getting nailed with back-to-back road trips to Arkansas and Georgia.

The Vols don’t have it easy, either, with games against UCLA, Florida and Auburn.

If either can manage a winning record out of those contests, plus wins against presumptive conference champions, October should turn into a fun month.

Carolina has a slightly easier open, but still has major tests. The Gamecocks get N.C. State for what’s now become a traditional Thursday night start to the season, then have to put away Vanderbilt before coming home for what will most likely be an ungodly thrashing by Georgia. Wofford and UAB should help out a little, but you never know with this team.

According to Athlon, my preseason drug of choice, the rankings overall are a little something like this:

1. Florida
5. Georgia
8. Auburn
9. LSU
17. Tennessee
30. Alabama
34. South Carolina
48. Mississippi State
55. Arkansas
58. Kentucky
69. Ole Miss
73. Vanderbilt

Of course, what’s fun about the preseason rankings is that there is no way in hell four SEC teams will end up in the Top 10. The fratricidal bloodsport so common to the conference will end that idea.


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