Clemson player charged with ‘assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature’

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Another Clemson football player is looking at serving time, as cornerback DeAndre McDaniel got into a fracas Saturday night (which, it turns out, is not alright for fighting) and went to jail for – drum roll please – beating his girlfriend!

Now, since he isn’t a former spokesman for Gov. Sanford, that probably means he won’t have a column in The State explaining his actions. We’ll just have to wait for the case to go to court.

When you think about what there is to do around Clemson, though, it begins to make sense. There’s cow-tipping, various forms of beastiality involving farm animals, muddin’, incest and domestic violence. Really, it shouldn’t be a surprise.

In all seriousness, it’s fun to call out Clemson as being a haven for unreconstructed rednecks, but this is beyond the pale:

According to a Central police incident report, McDaniel’s girlfriend told officers that she and McDaniel engaged in a heated argument in which she pushed his head while lying in bed. She said McDaniel then placed a comforter over her head and began choking her while jerking her head up and down. She said McDaniel then struck her with a closed fist to her face and head area.

The victim said McDaniel continued cursing at her, threatening to break her neck. Eventually, she said he shoved her down a flight of stairs and punched her in the chest as she fled from the apartment toward her car.

The incident report and warrant added that McDaniel’s girlfriend was treated at Oconee Memorial Hospital for serious bodily injury, including a cervical sprain, soft tissue contusion, facial and chest wall contusions.

Clemson football player arrested [UpstateToday.com]


1 Response to “Clemson player charged with ‘assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature’”

  1. 1 todd
    August 11, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    man before you start running your mouth about clemson and the so called “beastiality” get your story straight my friend. yes it is a “country town” but located just outside of greenville south carolina it’s not as small as people make it out to be. and there is plenty more to do there than cow tipping, mudding and other so called redneck activities. you should try vacationing at some of the lovely mountain resorts that are located around the campus and beautiful lake hartwell. and just to correct you on your horrible story the young woman that made the allegations came out and said it was a LIE and she didn’t even show up for the court date and dropped all charges. deandre is a stand up individual and his name was shoved under the rug by reporters like yourself who know nothing of the situation. and for the picture above you need to go back and watch the preceding incidents that took place which led to the brawl at that game and you would soon come to find out it was prevoked by some good ol’ carolina boys that can’t take an old fashioned a** beating by their rival on the field!! get your stories straight and stop listening to mis informed people my friend!!

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